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ekdiloseisPapigo a loyal to its traditions, as the other villages of the area, each year celebrates with two traditional festivals. In the Great Papigo on the eve and the day to the Pofit of Elias -19th & 20th July- there is a festival with traditional music and food for each visitor and the feast goes on till morning. In the Small Papigo on the day of Birth Of Mary – 8th September- there is a similar traditional festival.

Marathon of Mountain Running

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zagori raceAs last year so this year on 28th and 29th July 2012 the 2nd Marathon was achieved in Zagori. The organization was done from the non-profitable company "Zagori Mountain Running" with the help of the Municipality of Zagori, the manager f North Pindos and other authorities of Zagori.

Distillation of tsipouro

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giorti-tsipourouOn Saturday 10th November the festival of Tsipouro has been accomplished in Papigo.

Customs and Traditions

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Zagorian costume2“Every place and zakoni, every neighborhood and antenti” which means that every place has its own habits, customs and traditions.

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